I don’t know about you, but I am passionate about sports. All kinds of sports, really, but rugby has been my sport of choice for years. Ever since I was little, I was drawn towards this sport and I actively participated in it, which opened many opportunities for me.
I first started as a junior player at an amateur level while in grammar school, but thanks to some really good coaches and my work and dedication, I managed to get better at it and, at 16 years old, I started playing at a somehow higher level and even won some tournaments with my local team. Nothing to really brag about, but for me there represented great achievements nonetheless. And aside from game wins, I met a lot of wonderful people and built strong and fulfilling friendships along the way.
Nowadays, I only play now and then for fun, but I still like to watch important matches on TV or even on the field when I get the chance.
Besides the beauty of the game, I think that what pulled me to rugby is the set of core values of the sport: integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline and respect. These were identified in 2009 as the defining character-building characteristics of rugby both on and off the field of play, and are now integrated into the World Rugby Playing Charter.
These values allow players and supporters alike to understand the character of the game and what makes it so special among the other sports. And in England, rugby is fairly popular, which is demonstrated by the fact that the Union has around 2,000,000 registered players, the highest in the world.
Even though at the moment I am not such an active rugby player, my passion keeps bringing me back. Actually, I was never truly able to walk away from it, so I thought that the best way to support the sport and promote its values is to bring people in the online world information about it.
As I always tend to be in the loop with the latest results and news from the rugby world, I decided to share all this information with other people. So the purpose of this site is to keep rugby fans up to date with the latest rugby news, as well as analysis, match reports, scores and rankings, and why not help newcomers open up to the rugby community.