Equipment and Costs

Rugby equipment and costs
Any sport requires specific apparel that is especially designed for the rigors of the game, and the same is valid for rugby. Rugby players need a few pieces of specialist equipment in order to ensure that both training sessions and the actual matches are executed correctly and have the best outcome.
The gear you choose influences your performance on the sports field, that’s why investing in good quality sports clothing is very important.
Usually, rugby is a physical, full-contact sport, so players know to expect a few pushes, knocks and grappling while playing. Given the nature of the sport, protection is very important for the players’ safety. And with the proper equipment, the chances of injuries can greatly be reduced and playing the game becomes more fun.
Firstly, no matter what position you play, you’ll need a sturdy pair of rugby boots with studs or cleats for maximum grip, as these are more appropriate to the conditions of the game, especially in the front row. Boots are a key component and are worth investing in a little bit more, as there is nothing more unpleasant than dealing with blisters because the boots have rubbed your feet.
Prices for rugby boots start at around £20, but if you want better quality, you will find decent pairs priced between £150 – £200.
Secondly, players at all levels are recommended to wear some protective gear. A mouth guard to protect the teeth and jaw could prove life-saving in some situations like the violent collisions that sometimes happen on the field.
Not wearing a mouth guard poses serious risks to lose a tooth (or several), bite your tongue, or cause damage to the joints in your jaw. So better be safe than sorry and invest between £5 and £20 in a gum shield.
Additionally, rugby players usually wear protective head gear and padded equipment, worn under the shirt. The most important thing about head protection is to make sure it is comfortable, otherwise it may cause you unwanted pain and injury. A decent head guard will cost from £30 to £100 and even more, but anything cheaper than that might not be worth wearing.
As for the protection vests worn under one’s jersey, these are important to shield off potential abuse to the shoulders and the chest, which often take much of the impact in tackles. Again, comfort is of utmost importance when choosing chest protection, so make sure the equipment fits you well. Prices for protection vests also vary depending on quality, but a decent one will most likely cost you around £60.
Besides the protective gear, rugby players obviously wear shirts and shorts. These need to be made of fabrics able to endure plenty of tugging and pulling, but also be lightweight, comfortable and strong. There are different designs for the forwards in the scrum and the backs or loose forwards. Prices for these items vary a lot depending on brand and model.
Lastly, it is recommended to wear rugby socks, not any type of socks. These are similar to the long socks that are worn in other sports such as soccer, and are worn pulled up just below the knee and cover the shins and calves. A pair of professional rugby socks can cost up to £20.