09/27/2018 at 14:12

The most entertaining online rugby games

Casino rugby games

Online sports casino games are viral nowadays, and this comes as no surprise if you take into account the fact that these games are predominantly played by the male population. Rugby, one of the most prominent sport in the UK, represents a perfect tool that can be utilised via casino games, a convenient way to attract new players.

One of the most famous rugby casino game would be rugby star; it can be found at almost any UK bookmaker. You just have to find proper online bonus codes, complete the registration process and you are good to go.

This application has incredible visual effects, a high-quality graphics across five reels. The music is also very entertaining, as it creates an intense ambience which can be expected at a high-stakes rugby match. Various teams are represented through the game, such as those from Australia, Argentina, Wales, New Zealand, and more.

The app is designed by Microgaming, and they put a lot of effort to include all the details that make rugby so intense and fun.

Other online rugby games

As for the free online rugby games, there is a wide variety of online rugby games available at the app store or any website that contains Flash player games.  There you can find thousands of online rugby games, but the most interesting ones are CA Brumbies Challenge, Rugby World Cup, Crunchball 300, England Academy, Rugby Drop Kick Champ, Hit the Field, Rugby Challenge, and much more.  

These games can also help you learn a lot about the fundamentals of the rugby game itself. Usually, all that is necessary to play these games are a couple of keys on the keyboard thanks to their simplicity and straightforwardness. Needless to say that they are perfectly optimised for any PC or Laptop device, regardless of the specifications.  

Rucking Rugby

Rucking Rugby is one of the most extensive collections of online rugby games – a platform solely designed for rugby fans. Here, you can choose from Running Rugby Games to Rugby Kicking Games. The platform features a great number of rugby mobile apps available, for both iPhone and Android devices.  

Running Rugby Games

When you find Running Rugby on your browser and go to the Running Rugby Games section, you can play rugby games that involve Running or Open Field Rugby. You need to avoid the tackles, hit the rucks and score. The most popular are:

  •         England Academy
  •         World Rugby 2011
  •         Ruck it
  •         Flick N Kick
  •         Rugby Ruckus

Rugby kicking games

When you opt for this section, you can choose between games that are primarily focused on Kicking, some of which are Goal Kicking and Drop Goals. Popular ones are:

  •         Kings of Rugby
  •         Kicking Kings
  •         LV Rugby
  •         Dropkick
  •         Rugby Challenge