03/15/2018 at 14:35

France – England Rugby: Six Nations ended 22 – 16 – Recap

This would’ve been the third title for England. There was a lot of pressure on top of English shoulders as they fought through the match. However, France did not let them through; the match ended with 22 points for France and 16 points for England. This is how it all happened:

Before we start, it’s a good idea to catch a breath. Eddie Jones was seen reading a Video Slots Review right before the match as a method of relaxation. Other players were often seen using their phones as well, usually catching up on the social media. You should look for them on popular platforms for a closer look at their careers.

What Happened?

Eddie Jones the England coach didn’t really talk a whole lot to motivate his team at the start of the game. He was rather distant from the players which was quite unusual for him not to talk up the game.

With the Dublin game done we can say that England should get four tries during this match or Ireland was to become the next Six Nations Champion which they did because of the result shown in the title in this article.

At the start of the match, the anthems were played and the audience really came alive. Right after the players got into positions and the ball jumped it was on. France did break into the English side of the terrain, making an impression like they have the advantage, but that quickly changed just ten minutes later. England was in control of the game and dictating the rhythm. Even 15 minutes later France seemed a bit uncertain about the situation they were in.

Looking back from the half-time it was frightening for England. They got through just twice since the beginning. Let’s dive into the second half and see what Eddie Jones came up with. Hopefully he’s been talking up the guys and bringing them up to speed.

At the 45 minute mark, there are no changes on either side. No hope is seen around for England. Ireland was probably starting their celebration at this point. No number of penalties can give England enough opportunities to get back into the run for the title.

At the end of the full-time it was all done. Ireland became the Six Nation Champions while Eddie Jones will be questioned quite a bit on the things that happened that day. Not all questions will be pleasant.

Eddie Jones had this to say after the game: “This is a learning moment for us. We’re struggling at the moment. We’re going through a difficult period and we’ll come out the other side of it soon I’m sure.”