04/26/2018 at 06:24

Tips for Betting on Rugby

Rugby, the manliest sport in the world. Two armies facing each other in a field of honor equipped only with a mouthguard and their skill and cheered by roars of their loyal fans. Is there anything better? Well, it wouldn’t hurt to earn some money while enjoying all of this. Here is some advice on how to bet on rugby.

Choose the right rugby betting option

The first thing you need to know is that there are different options for betting on rugby and choosing the best option is important if you want to get more success and gain. Match betting, where you choose which team will win or wager that it will be a tie, is the most common betting type and probably the most suitable for novice betters. Margin betting can bring you a lot of money, but you need to be careful about key point spreads and point totals. Other rugby betting types include first scoring points, last scoring points, the race to ten points, total points, and many more.

Follow team news

From the perspective of betting, rugby is not followed and analysed as much as some other sports, so you have to do some research on your own. You should keep up with news about the players, especially injuries and mid-season transfers. Although teamwork is essential is rugby, typically one or two players are instrumental to the performance of the team as a cohesive unit. The absence of those key players can have tremendous effects on the outcome of the match. Also, dust-ups among players and managerial problems can compromise the performance of the team. So, the more you know about the players and the substitutes, the better you’ll be able to predict the result.

Check the weather

Another tip is to check the weather as weather conditions can play a huge role in the outcome of the match. In dry weather, you can expect both teams to be play expansive rugby which creates more opportunities for points. Windy or rainy conditions can cause many problems, but the team whose pack of forwards can play tight will have the advantage.


Consider home advantage

When placing a bet on rugby, you must not underestimate the importance of playing at home. The supporters’ cheering provides additional motivation to the players and boosts the performance of the whole team. Also, home advantage is even more important when teams have to travel long distances to join tournaments, such as Super Rugby. Being on the road, changing accommodation and different weather conditions can have a great effect on the team’s performance. So don’t forget to check the location of the game.